Hitler’s Farewell Address

In early 1950, upon the glittering Muritzsee, Hitler invited the world to come together at Welthauptstadt Germania for a World’s Fair and present the accumulated wonders and advances of humanity. It was a call answered by all the nations of the globe.

Not surprisingly, many were entranced by the new capital as well as by the scientific breakthroughs accomplished by Germany whether it be by the new worlds unlocked by the electron microscope, the classic songs and speeches captured and played by the magnetic recording device, or rockets meant to eventually send men into the heavens.

It was here, in this place of wonders, in the shadow of the Great Hall, that Hitler made his final appearance as Fuhrer. On April 20, 1950, Hitler gave a farewell address. Nearly two decades ago, Hitler had forged a covenant with the people of the Reich, a solemn promise to save them from the perils that threatened them. He had accomplished what he had set out to do. He had saved Germany and restored her to her chosen place against the hordes that had endangered her. His work was done. It was time for him to leave them. Hitler waived off protests by the crowd with a trembling hand and urged for silence. “It is time for you to let me go and to look no more to the past but to the future.” He would resign his position that day. The office of Fuhrer would be divided once more between Reich President and Chancellor. Reinhard Heydrich, due to his proven skills as an administrator, was to be installed as President whereas Reich Economic Minister Erhard would be granted the role of Chancellor.

“So many years how I granted you of my life. So much blood have I spilt. I regret none of this. I only regret that I could do no more.”

Many in the audience wept realizing this to be an end of a mystical era. Others cried at seeing their Fuhrer for the first time in years. His aged form and faltering speech gave evidence to how strongly he suffered under the command of his nation and many understood the sacrifices this man had made for their beloved Reich. His soul was the price for Germany’s resurrection.

Among those who watched this final moment close at hand were Hitler’s longtime friend Sepp Dietrich, Reich Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, and nephew Heinz, now an Oberstleutnant in the Wermacht. Not even their steel hearts and iron will could stop the tears that filled their eyes.

His speech completed, Hitler withdrew from the world stage and returned to his hometown of Linz. His wife Inge would later say that a light seemed to go out of his eyes in those final days, her husband nothing but a shadow that withered more and more with each passing day. Not but several months later Hitler succumbed and passed on. According to his wishes, his body was cremated and the ashes scattered.

A mystery in life as well as death, Hitler entered the pantheon of figures upon whom the hinge of time turned. His name would be remembered eternal, both in awe and fear as well as a symbol of what one man’s indomitable will could accomplish.


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